Jul 14, 2016 8:51pm (Sara)

We will not be traveling to Oakland tomorrow. Maya continues to be very neutropenic with an ANC of only 360. This means we are postponed for at least another week. We will check her labs again on Tuesday and if she is showing signs of repletion… We have another appointment scheduled in Oakland on Thursday.

Today’s visit to the lab went fine. She continues to show bravery and strength. Three times in a row there have been no tears during her access. While there she met a new friend (9 month old). He was there getting an IV – thankful it was not for oncology concerns just other pediatric “stuffs”. We also saw our buddy Ethan and his family. It is always wonderful to run into them and it feels like forever since we’ve seen them. It was great to catch up with them and it appears that Ethan is doing well. His labs are much better than Maya’s and while he is technically a week behind, he might actually be ahead of Maya as of next week. Here’s hoping he gets to stay on track.

Alicia, the Unicorn, is also trucking along. Love and strength to her and her family as they get through this tough time. Thank you for forging the way and making the unknown a little less unknown. She needed some packed red blood cells for lunch today (blood transfusions are very common this phase).

Well…Maya did not need platelets or packed red blood cells today and all of her labs aside from her white blood cells and ANC look good. Liver and kidney function look fine and while her ANC is low, her monocytes are higher than they were last week. This means that her body is building up again and we should see a lift soon. Today is day 13 out from her last dose of DOXO so it isn’t surprising she is low still. We were fairly warned…just sucks to not be heading into the weekend a few days closer to the end of this phase.

Maya is rebuilding again. We know she was (and will be) attacked this phase. We are prepared and ready for the battle. She feels okay and at least isn’t showing signs of weakness. Bring it on chemo. Face the dragon. Face the fire.

Love is life.