Feb 21, 2016 (Sara)

Noodles, egg, sammy, pickles, soy milk. I’m so happy to see an appetite today! Platelets were down to 9 this morning so she had platelets for breakfast. Hemoglobin is down to 7.1 so she’s gonna get some new digs flowing through her veins soon. White blood cells are bottoming out…now down to 0.5 and her ANC (absolute neutrophil count) is at 15. This means she has no ability to fight infection right now. Hopefully it will get higher soon. This number (the ANC) is what will guide our precautions. It tells us how fragile she is and when to take extreme precaution. Extreme precautions will be taken when her ANC is <500. When her ANC is 500-1000 we’ll still have to be very careful. We hope for many days >1000 and maybe she’ll even get to go to dance class. It might not be for a while but we’ll keep hoping. Till then we hunker down, eat and stoke the dragon’s fire.