Photo Journal Of Our Journey

Day of Diagnosis February 12th, 2016 till Discharge To Home –

                   ER Nurse câme and brought 'Beans' a princess pack. Even found her princess fishy crackers    The masks make her feel better... Like all the docs and nurses.

Maya makes up fun games and stories to keep her wild imagination engaged. Watching Bart trains, helicopters & downtown. Eating well and learning to take needles like a champ!   


     Kidney ultra sound. Gets to lay on Daddy and watch Lilo and Stitch.


         Bapa Pat and Lincoln went out cruising Oakland. Linco drove.

    Snapped this shot today. It's a comparison of before and after her port placement. If you zoom in you can see her port into her heart. Amazing.  Her amazing pediatrician sent some balloons and a ballerina! Thank you Dr. Papez!    Who doesn't need a snuggle unicorn?!?


 Sleeping with Foxy...or Friendy (I can't keep track who is who). Thank you Shena for the critter pack. �     


   I wish she always felt this good..   



Reminiscing of times before: