May 23, 2016 10:35am (Scott)

Maya’s port is accessed and blood is drawn for our next little step down the road.
The clinic has become a favorite place for Maya. Sara and I drink coffee and talk while Maya chats with her friends (her favorite nurses- Mary, Brittany, and Denise).

This morning she was strong and calm through the entire port accessing process and only cried once it was over; maybe the anticipation of it all was just too much to let go without a few alligator tears. She quickly recovered though when Mary let her help hold the blood sample tubes. .. she happily announced, “that’s my blood!”

And now we wait for the counts, hopeful as always for an ANC over 1000 and no surprises.

Warmest of thoughts for all of you — good health and strength for all who love and are loved. 574325c6a689b4f806b247d5 574324d2ab28b94b67322ebe
Thank you.