June 30th, 2017      (Sara)

I have to offer this short but sweet update: So far today has been fantastic. This Momma got to go to a perfect Yoga class this morning (THANK YOU TINA!) then Maya and I headed to see Denise at the clinic for a lab draw. We started a new dose of 6MP 9 days ago (1/2 tab 6 days a week with Fridays off). No other changes with dosage of Methotrexate or Allopurinol but….I dare say we are closing in on the “sweet spot”.

Denise just called me with amazing news! IDEAL LABS!!!! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO STOKED!!!!
WBC: 2.2
Platelets: 265
Hemoglobin: 9.3
Oh man. I’m not sure the all caps lettering is really letting my excitement show as much as I want it to.
We are headed out to Donner Lake for the week and we won’t have to check labs until July 17th before her next lumbar puncture…unless we get nervous, of course. I know we have regretfully taken a break from checking labs in the past but this time feels so much better. While her ANC is trending down since 9 days ago her ANC was 1950….and we don’t know exactly where that trend will stop…at least her hemoglobin has come up!!! I’m not a hem/onc expert but that seems very positive! I would have asked more questions but Dr.Z was very busy getting ready to leave town for his wedding! We are more confident that we know what to look for now. And least we hope.
I haven’t felt this relieved in a very long time. It feels good to feel hopeful again. Perhaps this next half of the year will prove to be a little less stressing. This year has been daunting. Not just for our family, but for many I know.
My heart hurts for those that have lost loved ones, their homes, their jobs, their peace. I hope we all can get stronger, healthier, and more loving. Thank you so much for your continued support and love. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! May your Fourth be filled with family, fun, laughs, BBQ, baseball, and maybe come rally caps when needed. I know our rally caps feel lucky this week.
Love is Life.