June 7th, 2017    (Scott)

On Tuesday evening we took Maya up to Renown for an unscheduled check. She’d been toying with a fever since Monday morning, and we finally determined that things were moving in the wrong direction. 

The cause was most likely a belly bug that’s been going around.  It’s more like a belly monster causing aches, pains, fever, chills, vomiting, diarrhea and hanging around for 48 hours or more. Maya felt pretty awful when we arrived; her temperature and generally poor look led to her being admitted to the pediatric ICU about 5pm. Fluids and a prophylactic round of antibiotics were started. Her temperature and symptoms continued to worsen.
Wednesday was more of the same as Maya has continued to fight through this virus. Blood cultures and a chest x-ray have ruled out some other possible causes of the moderate/high, persistent fever which has ranged from 100.9 to 103.8.  Maya’s been given maximum doses of Tylenol to help keep her temperature down, but it hasn’t had as dramatic an effect as we’d like. IV fluids have kept her hydrated, and we’re hopeful that Thursday will bring some marked improvement in her energy and her symptoms.
Sara has been staying at the hospital, and she has been in contact with Dr. Zucker as he monitors things closely. We’re thankful for the resources and support that allow for one of us to be with Maya all the time. If we end up staying one more night I’ll find a way to take over– life in a tiny ICU room can quickly get pretty weird, and I think Lincoln might need to see his Mommy again here soon.
Lincoln has been very understanding to this point. This evening I told him I saw Mommy and Maya today. I told him Maya was still not feeling good and they’d have to stay another night. He thought about it a moment and said, “Linco no feel very good… need go hop-sit-al too.” Wherever his sister is, he wants to be.
Thank you all for your love and support. We’ll keep you updated as we can. Here’s hoping the next pics you see are of a smiling Maya back in her home.