Feb 25, 2016 (Sara)

I think I could oscillate my gawking between Maya’s room and the master bedroom (and the closet!) for 6 months and still never get sick of it. My heart is over flowing with how comfortable this place is. Last night we walked in and at each step I loved it more and more. It was in Maya’s room where I lost it. You know, I try to stay as strong as possible in front of the kids but…I opened her dresser and saw that her clothes were folded and placed with care. This work and love is consistently felt through out the entire house. Each drawer is filled with our things plus a little extra love.

My knees almost buckled from under my heavy heart filled with gratuitude, and if I wasn’t in front of the kids, I would have melted into the Earth. I couldn’t hold back the tears and when Maya asked why I was crying I had tell her, “because we are so loved and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” I mean that with every cell of my body, thank you.

The house is amazing. We are entertained at finding things and while moving into a house this way slightly adds to the whole surreal feeling, we are all settling in wonderfully. It will be a story we will tell forever. The story about when Scott and Sara bought a house, but our people made it a home. Thank you.

The house is incredibly clean. Having a kid as delicate as Maya is probably the most frightening thing I have (and hopefully will) experience. Our lives have quickly turned into a “when she goes to ER” and not “if” and I have to consciously try and not think about that looming in our future. Knowing that our home is as safe as can be lifts some of the weight from my shoulders. Thank you.

The dragon’s den is ready to protect, heal, re-energize and charge our Dragon Princess. She is comfortable in her space and wanted to sleep in her own room…even fell asleep on her own. We all feel safe and loved. Thank you more than words can express.

Motherly assessment: no labs to determine blood count status at this time….Ahhhhhh! When we left Maya was doing well and responding to the chemo like an “A+” student. Platelets don’t hang around long so we are going into LabCorp tomorrow early for some “stat” labs. This will determine if we need to head to Reno for a transfusion. One of the hematology attending MDs changed her schedule so she’ll be on a Friday and Tuesday lab draw schedule. This is perfect since she gets chemo infusion every Tuesday and they will have access to her Buddha button (port). This means she’ll only have one “pokey butterfly” a week….access will be uncomfortable too it at least there is a numbing ointment she will use.