Jul 30, 2016 1:52pm (Sara)

I work with families and patients that need Option One – this company supplies many medical necessities from tube feeding formula and pumps to…chemo. I never, in a million years, would have thought┬ámy family would be needing this type of service. But I suppose that is the way life works; life is so unpredictably challenging at times.

Everything we need was delivered to our door yesterday while we were at the clinic getting Maya accessed again. Thankfully, my dad was able to sign for it. They supply everything from masks, chemo gloves, alcohol wipes, saline flushes, heparin flushes (two different concentrations), chemo gown, spill kit, cytotoxic disposal bin, sharps container…and more. The nurses make infusions look so easy. We know they are not “easy” but after as many times as they have to do it…they sure make it look like second nature. It is definitely not natural for us.

Today was our second time giving Maya chemo here at home. We set everything up on our counter. Yes our kitchen counter. Initially, we debated on where to do it. Lincoln is a critter and into everything so we had to make sure that Maya and the chemo were well above his reach. We thought about the bathroom but…even as clean as we keep almost every room in our house…people poop in the bathroom. Kitchen. We chose the kitchen counter. I suppose it is ironic that Lincoln’s poop diapers often get changed on the same counter…but I didn’t think of that until after the chemo was done.

Today we tried to give her chemo and deaccess her as early as possible. That way the needle in her chest attached to the noodle-like thing is less of a worry during playtime.

Strong and calm has never been as necessary for me. I’m so thankful and grateful to have Scott by my side for countless reasons but today I needed him to help me stay both strong and calm. He helped me remove the sticker entirely before pulling the 3/4″ needle from my childs chest. He makes me feel like I can do anything.

Maya is doing well. She is tolerating this chemo well for now. No complaints of nausea. No lethargy. Slight constipation but that isn’t new. This chemo (ARA-C) as well as the chemo they infused in Oakland (cyclophosphamide) have about a week delay of effects. Fingers crossed the dragon keeps her strength up and continues to dominate this battle.

Love is Life.