May 6, 2016 7:36am (Sara)

Oh how our lives have changed. Maya got a fever of 101. In any other world, we could just let it ride. I wouldn’t even have considered Tylenol until she was 102. But cancer…cancer made us drive to Renown’s ER for a low grade fever.

Here we are. We didn’t have to wait long in the waiting room and the room is nice and dark so Maya can hopefully rest a bit more. I know I could use some more rest. We’ll likely need labs to see what is going on. Fingers crossed her counts are high enough so we don’t have to spend two days here.

Timing is sometimes everything. We are so grateful for my mom who just came to town yesterday. She is at home with Lincoln so we know he is more comfortable than he would be while on this adventure.

I feel like I should be more scared or concerned but so far…its just a thing we are doing at 4 in the morning. I know this could be much worse.

She’s okay. Not super comfortable and her legs hurt but she is strong and calm. At least so far. We’ll see how she is with an access to her Buddha button.

Feeling the heat this morning. This adventure is a reminder of how fragile and yet fierce our dragon is…all at the same time. Her ability to balance emotions, fear, pain, and stress is remarkable.

We’ll update when we know a plan.

Love is life.