Aug 11, 2016   9:00am  (Sara)

Last night was Maya’s last 6TG (oral chemo) for this phase and today we made a quick trip to Renown to check Maya’s labs. At this point we needed to make sure Maya did not need any transfusions. And today she did not.

While Maya’s numbers are certainly dropping, she is holding on to her platelets nicely and her hemoglobin is hanging in there too. Her energy is slightly depleted but for the most part, her bald head is truly the only sign of being sick.

We had to say good bye to Grandma Bella today. We will definitely miss her around; mothers/grandmothers are amazing. It’s always nice to have visitors – I think even though the kids love me, we all spend a lot of time together. A change in face is sometimes needed to keep our sanity.

Speaking of visitors, we had a very random yet pleasant visitor today – his name is Tarvi and he is here in America with an exchange program from Estonia. He sells books. Last year the same company had a young lady stop by our home but I was neither interested nor had the time to sit and chat. Maya was in school and I was working a lot more. I felt Maya’s education and excitement about reading was heading in a direction that I was happy with. Last year I researched the company and have thought about what that young woman had to offer several times since.

Today, we met Tarvi. We hung out on the front porch and both Maya and Lincoln were extremely intrigued with our visitor and his thick accent. Tarvi was kind and knowledgable about his product. Buying books (or really anything other than girl scout cookies or boys scout popcorn) from someone who just shows up to my door is usually not on the list of things I do. But…things change and while I usually err on the side of caution (something my husband questions often), I’m very pleased with our new system of books. I think Maya and Lincoln will enjoy them for a long time.

I know it was difficult (practically impossible) for my mom to leave. We were waving good bye to her as Tarvi showed up. She was extremely nervous about leaving me and the kids with a stranger – and returned once to check on us – but she was finally comfortable enough to head over the hill. She’s a good mommy and reminds me that we never stop worrying.

We enjoyed our visitor – it was something unexpected and entertaining. I asked if he had a hard time with people not trusting him but he said our community seems to be filled with wonderful and open families that he is “lucky to meet”. I would like to think we are his new favorite since we gave him a bracelet. Maya offered Tarvi a Strong and Calm bracelet (about 40 times) and he jumped up to the moon. Truly, the delight on his face made my day. My week!

I think the point of this story is…there are still good people. And while it is hard to trust anyone…or any process…if we can’t see past our fear, we may miss out on an opportunity. My chemo kid needed a smile today and a stranger put it on her face. I am thankful for that (I suppose I am also this thankful he wasn’t a psycho).

Hemoglobin: 8.6
Platelets: 125
White blood cells: 0.9
ANC: 360

We are washing hands often and will be checking labs again Monday.
Love is life.