Apr 3, 2016 10:40pm (Sara)

Our home was filled with such joy today. Joy from squeals, giggles, belly laughs, tantrums, snacks, fizzy water, cheese trappers, boucing, borrowed hats, and preschool law. Maya’s “besties,” Brookie and Laeta came to play with Maya. My heart was complete hearing all the wonder and the foundation of friendship build.

While Maya’s ANC was fantastic last week, we still have to be careful with our visitors. Luckily, we don’t have to be AS careful as we do for an ANC below 1000 (or frightfully below 500). Still…I request the kids get a temperature check. Why just the kids? Uhhhhh….not sure. Day care? Shoddy hand washing skills of a three year old? To be honest, part of me wishes I could temp every person who wants access to my house. I suppose the less crazy Sara talks me out of actually requiring this. I have wonderful friends that take my requests seriously and I know it has sheltered Maya in the past. I truly wish every family going through this has amazing people in their lives…as amazing as our people.

Today her two besties came to play! I was slightly nervous that the girls would be hesitant since Maya looks so different. I mentioned it to their mommy’s and left it up to them on whether or not they wanted to bring it up. Maya is smart. She knows she looks different. She mentioned me to early this morning that she didn’t want her friends to come “because they might not like me”. I have NO idea where she’d get that; Scotty and I decided to have a discussion.

Not two minutes after the girls’ arrival were they screaming, running, laughing, and hugging. It was amazing. They even played Dragon-something (not exactly sure the game but they were flying around the house “roaring”). They played inside. They played outside. They ate some lunch. They played some more.

Silvia (Laeta’s baby sister) and Lincoln held their own too. Lincoln hasn’t ever been around that many crazy kids before….or at least not as a toddler. I have a wonderful image of him standing in the play room not knowing where to look as three dragon girls were flying around. He had no choice to be start running too.

There will be ups and downs over the next 3 years but we MUST take advantage of these good days. We MUST hold on to these days and pull from them when days like today aren’t possible. I truly appreciate Michele and Rachel (the mommy’s) for bringing their girls. They could have spent their day out at the park. Or the museum. Or a movie. Or any other number of places. They opted to bring their sweet awesome selves and their daughters to us. They shared some wonderful Aloha and Love with our home.

Our Dragon is thriving. She is flying higher than ever before. She is stronger than ever before. She has bonded again with her team of dragons and her confidence has grown. She feels connected with the outside world again and knows she is loved…and supported.

She will probably dream of today and the group hug at the very end of the play date. Thank you. Love is life.