Apr 1, 2016 2:00am (Sara)

Maya had a couple of amazing visitors today. It’s funny how certain experiences really make for an emotional roller coaster.

Auntie Tami stopped by to drop off a few awesome books, some Love, and the final donation money from selling Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars. It’s incredible that an item considered to be a staple in our household is produced by a local family owned-amazingly generous company that decided to donate and fund raise for us. A giant THANK YOU to the Marson family and Nature’s Bakery.

I was so happy to be able to give Jan Marson a hug last week; I gave a hug that could never match my gratitude. She gave me something else too…I found out that she has actually met Maya. It makes my heart swell knowing that some of my colleagues have seen Maya in a realm that even I haven’t seen – she met Maya at her school…and helping other kids. In my line of work, we help kids that need a little “kickstart”. Knowing that she has been able to help some kids with her role modeling and Love is something that I will hold close to my heart. She is my caring, kind, graceful, loving dragon.

Maya also had a visit from the super star, Miss Gina…her dance teacher. I have known Gina is magic since I was a little girl myself…but I never ever knew I’d see it so clearly. Today Maya danced. Oh she danced and made us all cry. I witnessed shuffle hops, and toes, and a whole two minutes “happy little ditty”. My heart is more full than ever before. Everyone was so surprised with how much energy Maya had. This child! She never ceases to amaze me.

When Scotty asked who had come for a visit today…Maya gave quite the recap. My favorite part was when he asked who Miss Gina came to see…Maya said “both mommy and me”. Yes. This was so true. I have longed for hour long conversations with the Miss Gina I know. I have longed for her movement and choreography. I still long for those things…and one day I know it will happen. But today, she gave me more than all that. Thank you Miss Gina for reassuring my little girl that she IS a dancer. That she has the strength to keep dancing. As Scotty has said before…”it’s in her blood”. It is also in her soul. There have been a handful of people who have nurtured the dancer in me…I’m just so grateful that Miss Gina can also nurture the dancer in Maya. My heart sings.
Love is Life.