Feb 18, 2016 (Scott)

Maya slept deeply last night. She woke up only to pee, and she didn’t appear to be in any discomfort. We’re careful since she seems to have a very high tolerance for pain and might be just handling it without complaining.

Maya’s fluid output, temperature, oxygen saturation, heart and respiration rates, and blood ph, are all good and stable. She is struggling with some high blood pressure and is on a daily medication to help regulate it. A lot of energy is put into protecting her kidneys. The chemo destroys leukemia (and other) cells, and they release compounds that lower blood ph and put extra strain on the kidneys. The kidneys filter out these substances to be eliminated through urine; the extra work for her kidneys is part of what raises her blood pressure (parents’ anxiety contributes too I imagine).

Maya has a good appetite, a good sense of humor, and her strong spirit hasn’t been diminished.

Whatever energy Sara and I have to help sustain Maya’s outlook is due in large part to the huge, humbling out-pouring of support and love from family, friends, and even complete strangers.

Working in education, I’m familiar with a community that cares deeply for human progress and opportunity. This past week, my eyes have been opened to a view of humanity that is beyond humbling in its power, focus, and compassion.

Thank you. For your notes, sentiments, warm wishes, support, compassion, prayers, love, and your collective human spirit. Thank you.