June 6th, 2017   (Scott)

I’m happy to say things have smoothed out quite a lot since the beginning of June. Though it makes us nervous for Maya to take any kind of break from her treatment, it is nice to see her numbers bounce back along with her energy and spirit.

I took Maya in for labs last week on Wednesday hoping to see dramatic improvement about 2 weeks out from when we stopped due to the stomach bug. All her numbers had come back as expected with hgb around 8.6, plt around 150, and ANC over 1900. We started back on the daily 6-mp (at a slightly reduced dose–half tab 6 days per week) and weekly methotrexate. This time we’re aiming to lightly suppress her marrow but keep things in a manageable range with ANC>700.
The strong numbers have allowed for more adventures of late. The kids went with Mom, Auntie Megs, and best buddy Liam to the lake last week, and we hit the farmer’s market for fresh berries and later on some ice cream.
The best part about Maya feeling good is that Lincoln gets to see his sister at ‘full power’ (or nearer full power anyway). With her imagination and energy both humming along, she’s a creative force shaping the world around them both as they explore the world and test the boundaries together. Linco is up for it all, playing the role of ‘wild-card sidekick’ and accelerating his own development as he goes. In fact, last night he posed his first true query about this world– one he might have pondered for a bit on his own before asking at bedtime, “Mommy, why do I toot out of my butt?”  (That’s mah boy.)
We hope this warm summer weather has found you all happy and well. Thank you for always caring. Thank you for the support, the love, the food (whether delivered to our house or our table on Saturday). I’ll leave you with an excerpt from a conversation I had with Maya tonight:
Maya: Daddy, I’ve got a bugger.
Me: Here’s a tissue.
Maya: Oh, Daddy, have you ever seen a blue bugger?
(No s___ this was like slurpee-blue)
Me: Um, no… Do you get blue buggers often?
Maya: Earlier today I did.
Me: Is there a reason your buggers are blue?
Maya: Maybe blue marker in my nose? I did have some marker on my finger.
Me: I see. 
Maya: Yep, that’s probably it. Good night Daddy.