March 25, 2017 (Scott)

After last week’s solid lab results, we finally felt comfortable enough to hit the road for our first vacation in a while. On Monday evening we loaded the Armada with everything we’d need (and more) and headed out of town. Fifteen hours later we pulled into Uncle Chris and Auntie Amber’s driveway just outside Phoenix. The sunshine, warm temperatures, and backyard swimming pool have been welcome distractions– thank you Auntie and Uncle for letting us take over your house… I promise most of the damage isn’t permanent.

Already we’ve had two ‘pool days,’ seen a Dodgers spring training game, and visited a butterfly sanctuary. Sunday we’ll check out the zoo and hopefully sit by the pool a bit more before heading home.

Maya and Lincoln have been excited to go out and do some new things. The car rides have been pretty easy, and they’re both trying hard to sleep in their own beds. Maya has stayed in her bed each night aside from one bout of leg pain. Linco will sleep all night without trouble, but
unfortunately he likes everyone to be awake by 630am.

As always we’re cautiously optimistic that all systems are normal and our reasonable precautions will protect us as we’re away from home. The kids seem grateful for a new environment to explore with new characters and situations each day.

We are so very thankful for supportive family and friends, for new opportunities, and for the courage to embrace them all. We cherish these moments of fun, humor, warmth, carefree living; and we are mindful that there are always others who don’t have it so well. We pray for peace, strength, and good health for all those who struggle and for the caregivers who never quit.

Thank you.