Sept 1, 2016 (Scott)

Tuesday’s numbers were strong. Maya’s Hgb and platelets were solid, and with an ANC over 1100 we were able to move on to Interim Maintenance 2.

The dog days of summer are here and so is the start of a new fall semester. We see family and friends transforming their lives back to the demands of the season and working extra hard to soak up the remaining bits of summer. By the end of IM2 we’ll be well into fall and thinking carefully about what life can be like for the following 18 months or so of treatment.

IM2 is a relatively easy phase: monthly LP and chemo infusions every ten days. The IV doses escalate as you go and slowly increase risk of side effects like mouth sores from the methotrexate. Blood counts tend to be stable during this phase, so if Maya is feeling good we’ll take advantage of family visits and cautious outings.

We are humbled by the continued outpouring of support from all over our communities. The help, care, and love sustain our spirits through the weary moments. You all make us stronger for Maya. Thank you.