Apr 10, 2016 3:17pm (Sara)

We are so happy to have these next couple of weeks “off”. Wednesday was the last of three weekly lumbar punctures and now Maya’s therapy consists only of oral 6-MP every evening…..and our crossed fingers. We do go this Wednesday to our Carson City Lab Corp for an arm pokey, but our next clinic visit isn’t until Thursday the 21st. It almost seems like smooth sailing. If only this “vacation” came with more of a sense of security. Maya’s last ANC was high, her blood counts appear to be right on track, she is getting more and more strength in her muscles, her belly is almost back to normal, her cheeks are still “moonie” but also coming down a bit. We even got to go out for dinner at the Firkin and Fox. She was feeling great. We were all feeling a slight sense of normal life creeping back into our world…..then boom. Stomach virus. Ugh.
Almost a year ago Maya gave Lincoln (our then 2 month old) this belly bug. We were so nervous that our little guy would need IV fluids or something. But he was fine. Well, he got her back this year. He’s been fighting off some sort of belly bug for a few days. It finally caught up with Maya. We spent the night changing sheets, towels, and bowls. We are so so so grateful there doesn’t appear to be a fever that goes with this bug. She has really only held some lemonade and Mommy’s milk down but her spirit is still there. We, of course, spoke with Oakland. We called to make sure some Zofran was appropriate. We can’t have her puking up her nightly chemo!
She took a long nap and now seems to be doing better. She is playing outside and while I can tell we are all not 100%…we are going to be okay. If only cancer and the side effects of the therapy were all we have to worry about. Sometimes I forget there are things in the old world that can give our new world more of a shake than we are ready for. Smooth sailing. Right. Smooth sailing in a hurricane. Love is Life.