Mar 22, 2016 11:12pm (Scott)

Tomorrow will begin the second phase of treatment called ‘consolidation.’ This will be a relatively light schedule of treatments over four weeks — no steroids, but weekly lumbar punctures with intrathecal chemo and infusions will be reminders of the seriousness of Maya’s battle. This is a monster that can come back rapidly in a variety of forms; we must be the aggressors and given the chance we’ll stomp on the throat of this awful affliction.

A week off of treatment has been a very welcome respite. Maya has enjoyed dance parties day and night. The soundtrack is ‘Let it Go’…. over and over and over. But it makes her feel strong so what can you do?

Maya and Lincoln are bonding quickly and having a great time with renewed energy. Linco follows her like a toddling shadow and tries to emulate everything his big sister does. Thank goodness for siblings.

We’ve had some nice opportunities to briefly expand our world while Maya’s counts have been up, though we take no chances. Thank you to all for your continued support, beautiful gifts, cards, thoughts, and prayers. You’ve helped us get through the threshold as strong as we could hope to be; soon it’s back to the warpath: consolidation, interim maintenance, delayed intensification, and whatever may come after with confidence and faith that together we will persevere.

Thank you.